Former footballer of Atletico Madrid and Werder Bremen spoke about current football topics, and one of the topics was the battle for the title in the Serbian Super League, which continues this weekend, with Partizan leading Red Star by one point after 19 rounds. “I didn’t follow the preparations in Cyprus, in these strong leagues the championships are already underway, so they didn’t even have strong friendly matches.

The spring part won’t be interesting, Red Star with Bahar’s departure and Milojević’s arrival.” The player’s comments were part of a larger interview where he discussed various aspects of football and the ongoing competition in the Serbian Super League.

His observation about the upcoming matches and the impact of player transfers on teams adds an interesting perspective to the ongoing football conversations. It will be fascinating to see how the title race unfolds in the Serbian Super League, especially with the close competition between Partizan and Red Star.

As the season progresses, the dynamics of the teams and the impact of key player movements will undoubtedly play a significant role in determining the ultimate champion.

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