Novak Đoković is having an exceptional run at the Australian Open, and he has set an impressive record as the world’s number one tennis player. Since 2018, he has not faced a single defeat at this tournament. In his latest match, he defeated a local player to achieve his 30th consecutive victory at the Australian Open.

The match began with both players showing great skill and determination. The first set, which lasted 38 minutes, was won by Novak Đoković. Despite several opportunities for his opponent to take the set, Đoković managed to seize the opportunity in the ninth game and smoothly secured the set.

It is worth mentioning Đoković’s outstanding serve, which proved to be a significant advantage over his opponent, Popirin. The Serbian player capitalized on Popirin’s weaker serves, allowing him to take control of the match.

As the match progressed, Đoković continued to showcase his dominance on the court. His relentless performance and remarkable consistency have played a crucial role in his unbeaten streak at the Australian Open.

Overall, Đoković’s achievements at this tournament have been nothing short of remarkable. With his 30th consecutive victory, he has solidified his status as one of tennis’ greatest players and is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the remainder of the Australian Open.

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