The text discusses Novak Djoković’s upcoming match against Janik Sinner and the challenges he faced during his training session.

In the first paragraph, it mentions that Djoković trained for only five minutes outdoors before it started raining. This sets the stage for the unpredictable weather conditions in Melbourne.

The next paragraph explains that Djoković will play again in the daytime, which is seen as a disadvantage for both his fans in Serbia and for him due to the expected high temperatures. This creates a sense of anticipation for the match and highlights the potential difficulties Djoković might encounter.

The following paragraph mentions the changeable weather in Melbourne and how it disrupted Djoković’s training plans, adding a hint of unpredictability to his preparations. It also suggests that his own actions may have played a part in the disruption.

Overall, the text focuses on the challenges and uncertainties surrounding Djoković’s upcoming match and training, highlighting the impact of weather conditions and the potential difficulties he may face.

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